NetShare: Turn android into wifi hotspot

How it works

Android has the ability to use Wi-Fi Direct to create wifi access point so legacy devices like android device, iPhone, pc and others can connect to it as they connect to normal wifi hotspot or router.

The advantage of this access point that it can be created while the device is connected to a wifi network! it's disadvantage is that it designed for file sharing only so the connected devices cannot access the internet of the device which run the this access point.

And here is where NetShare needs vpn(android devices only) and the proxy configuration (other devices).

How NetShare works in android?

NetShare must be installed in both devices and it works as follows:

  • in the client side NetShare use the vpn service to catch all internet traffic of the device and send them to NetShare in the server device and wait for the response.
  • in the server side NetShare run a server with specific port to receive the internet packet sent from the client side in step previous step, the it send these traffic to the internet, after receiving the reponse from the internet it will send these responses to the NetShare in the client side which in turn provide it to the back to the client device.